Working For Money vs. Money Working For You


You know how people say that you should always have your money working for you rather than you working for your money? I.e. passive income?

Here’s what that means in the real world ?

  • When I was a kid I’d spend one hour mowing a lawn and earn $10
  • When I was a teen I’d spend all weekend at a restaurant to earn $50
  • When I was in college I’d spend 20 hours a week and get $150
  • When I got my first “real” job I’d spend 40 hours a week to get my hands on $500
  • When I moved up the ladder a bit I’d spend 50 hours a week to bring home $1,000
  • When I became self-employed I’d work 60-70 hours a week and barely bring back $1,500

Each of these cases required gobs of my time in return for these precious piles of greenbacks.

Now get this…

Last month I spent 0 hours on my investments and made a whopping $32,687.28.

In one month.

For doing absolutely nothing.

That equates to 3,268 hours of mowing lawns, 653 weekends of working at a restaurant, 218 weeks working at the college bookstore, 65 weeks at my first full-time job, 33 weeks after I climbed up the ladder, and 22 weeks when I first became self-employed.

That’s a lot of working for the exact same pay! And the exact difference between working for your money and havingyour money work for you ?

Now obviously with investing you have plenty of down months too depending on what you’re investing in (stocks, real estate, businesses), but the net result is almost guaranteed to be amazing if you keep at it for the long haul. And it all starts with a couple dollars locked in a bedroom, candles lit with slow jams on, until bow chicka wha wha! BABY MONIES!!! Who go on to create baby monies of their own until one day you wake up to a huge (incestuous) family of monies you can play with in retirement ?

Whoever said budgets were sexy had it wrong. It’s more like passive income is sexy, baby! Haha…

And in case you’re wondering, this is also how “the rich get richer.” It’s not that they’re necessarily working more than you are, it’s just that their gobs of money are exploding at a much faster pace than yours. In fact, the more money you have the less talent it takes to grow it – hah! (Okay, that may not be right all the way, but you get what I’m saying ;))

Point is, you need to start funneling those dollars over NOW if you’re serious about growing wealth. I don’t care how you do it or how much you put in (you can literally put in pennies if you want to!) but plant those seeds now and get your family growing… It’s boring at first, but once the momentum picks up you’ll quickly notice how empowered you feel and how much extra money you somehow seem to have to keep feeding the flames too.

It’s hard for you to make money, but it’s not hard for your money to make money.

You just gotta start the motion.

And speaking of pennies, check out one of my favorite examples of compound interest I’ve ever seen on the internet. This is what happens when you double a penny for only 30 days in a row. It’s insane:


There aren’t any investments that will give us such a return, but we all have a penny to start with!


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